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Web Design Solutions
Print, Logo Design, Corporate Branding, Web development and Online Marketing are but a few of the services offered at Ntensemedia. We offer everything from basic print layout and business card design to interactive multimedia and dynamic database driven sites.
Consulting Solutions
Just starting out and not sure what you need? We've been around the block a few times and can assist in guiding you through all that's necessary to accomplish your I.T. goals!
Multimedia Solutions

With numerous video shops pursuing weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties etc., Ntense Media would rather focus on video that make an impact for the corporate world. We want to provide a product that not only meets but exceeds our customers expectations.
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E-Commerce Solutions
The secret to success in any business environment is knowing that environment. You will be amazed what a difference working with people who live and breathe the Web makes to your e-business bottom line. We know the Web because it’s where we live and work. After all, we’re e-locals.

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Ntensemedia is a premiere web design company located in Knoxville Tennessee. We take pride in the fact that we're different from other companies. We not only know what works on the web, but also what does not! The largest thing separating us from other companies is our pricing. Our research shows we consistently charge between 30 and 60 percent below other design firms prices. The kicker is this, you benefit 100 percent by having full time developers creating your site, not high school kids in a basement. You may say, that's incredible - we say no, that's Ntense!

Ntensemedia offers Ntense solutions. We cater to the needs of business by offering a service oriented approach and an attitude that no business is too small and that all clients are equally important.

Part of what Ntensemedia does to ensure your business success is:

> assess your criteria and specific needs
> research your target audience to make sure your site reaches them
> design a site that reflects your company's personality and goals
> add custom programming, animation or multimedia to make it interesting
> update and maintain your site as needed
> keep in touch with you so your site evolves as your company does

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